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Tax Free Environment - The Bankers’ Secret #101

September 10, 2020 Glen P. Zacher CFP Season 1 Episode 1
McGuire Wealth Management
Tax Free Environment - The Bankers’ Secret #101
Show Notes

 Join Glen Zacher, CFP with his guest Dwayne Burnell, MBA 

 Most people manage on a hope and a wish that over a period of time that their money is going to be there when they need it.  We don't believe in a hope and a wish and what you need is a solid plan of  protection of your money, access to your money without qualification, in a tax free environment. 

My background is in the corporate industry with an MBA.  I have been in corporate and personal consulting for the quite a few years now and have written 2 books.  

Dwayne Burnell, MBA – Author: Independence in the 21st Century & Financial Peace of Mind 

📚 RESOURCES - Great Reads and Audio - 

The Bankers' Secret by Glen Zacher, CFP & J Lowe (Book and/or Audio) 
Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash (Book and/or Audio) 
The Case for IBC by Robert Murphy, Carlos Lara & R. Nelson Nash 
Lots more books to review. 

📌 Official IBC Practitioner Representative of The Nelson Nash Institute: 

💸 Looking for a Certified Financial Advisor? Learn about "The Bankers' Secret" based on Becoming Your Own Banker - The Infinite Banking Concept: 


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