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Creating that Private Reserve – The Bankers’ Secret #106

December 05, 2020 Glen P. Zacher CFP Season 6 Episode 1
McGuire Wealth Management
Creating that Private Reserve – The Bankers’ Secret #106
Show Notes

Join Glen Zacher, CFP with his guest  Don Hart – Insurance Training VP at IDCWIN 

I discovered “Becoming Your Own Banker” about 12 years ago.  And I have been using it and training the process to our advisors over that span of time. It is actually an old concept that's, you know, becoming more popular these days because of Nelson Nash. 

A lot of people today are unaware of the power of permanent whole life, life insurance and the guarantees associated with it. And they have, in the last year, discovered this even though people in the mutual fund companies, which are selling whole life these days, because of those guarantees, and that's stability factor. 

Life insurance contract in itself is probably the most successful financial instrument ever created. Because you can't lose your money you can't slip backwards. You can only get the positive compounding rates of return. Those rates of return change every year depending upon the dividend. They make, but Never been negative, they've never been zero. You can't lose your money. And you can count on it to be there when you need it most. 

📚 RESOURCES - Great Reads and Audio - 

The Bankers' Secret by Glen Zacher, CFP & J Lowe (Book and/or Audio) 

Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash (Book and/or Audio) 

The Case for IBC by Robert Murphy, Carlos Lara & R. Nelson Nash 

Lots more books to review. 

📌 Official IBC Practitioner Representative Website of The Nelson Nash Institute: 

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