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Speaking to TWO groups – The Bankers’ Secret #107

December 19, 2020 Glen P. Zacher CFP Season 1 Episode 7
McGuire Wealth Management
Speaking to TWO groups – The Bankers’ Secret #107
Show Notes

Join Glen Zacher, CFP with his guest  Steve Davidson who has been Practicing “The Bankers’ Secret” (IBC) since 2015

We would like to introduce our guest today, Stephen Davidson.  Steve and his family have been practicing The Bankers’ Secret – based on The Infinite Banking Concept for several years now. Steve attended McGuire Financials first Super conference way back in 2013, where Nelson Nash was the keynote speaker.  

I got through, all the investigation, and let's just say all the reading material, the system proves solid. As I expanded it, this is where having it available makes a definite difference in the family’s life.

When times get tight, or an opportunity expresses itself,  I've used the system to do different things where rather than being beholden to an external bank, I am able to use my own personal bank.

The cowboy proverb comes to mind that says, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. And I think in the early days, when you're trying to digest it, it's a lot and as you've probably well aware, a lot of people don't take nonstop finances, classes, and elementary, high school or university, that is why its so important to have a coach.

📚 RESOURCES - Great Reads and Audio - 

The Bankers' Secret by Glen Zacher, CFP & J Lowe (Book and/or Audio) 
Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash (Book and/or Audio)
The Case for IBC by Robert Murphy, Carlos Lara & R. Nelson Nash
Lots more books to review. 

📌 Official IBC Practitioner Representative Website of The Nelson Nash Institute: 

💸 Looking for a Certified Financial Advisor? Learn about "The Bankers' Secret" based on Becoming Your Own Banker - The Infinite Banking Concept: 


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