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Paid off $1Million in debt in 39 months – The Bankers’ Secret #109

January 16, 2021 Glen P. Zacher CFP Season 1 Episode 9
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Paid off $1Million in debt in 39 months – The Bankers’ Secret #109
Show Notes

Join Glen Zacher, CFP and his guest Brent Kesler – Money Multiplier – Author: Mapping out the Millionaire Mystery

I first heard about this concept back in 2006. And I looked at it, and I thought it was too good to be true. And I didn't even believe it. So I didn't do anything at all. For a couple years, when I saw a lot of my colleagues and a lot of my colleagues were telling me how this was working for them.  How they were paying off their debt, you know, they were recapturing all their expenses.  Just 

like completely taking control of their own money, and their own wealth without having to work any harder, or change their cash flow, or give up any control whatsoever of their dollars. 

I own some chiropractic offices and my wife and I were $984,711 in debt. That is what we owed to third party creditors. For my student loans, chiropractic practice, our house that we lived in, condo at the lake and a wave runner. So we had a lot of debt. And we were just kind of you know, we were paying everybody else. 

You have to start paying yourself first. You know from time to time you've heard pay yourself first but the thing is, nobody ever really does it. They never pay themselves first. The thing that they do is when they get in their money. 

I was able to pay off that debt in three years, in three months, a total of 39 months - never had to work any harder, change my cash flow, or take any additional risk with my money. And that's the cool thing. I'm not taking any risk at all.  So it completely changed my life and that's back in 2008. 

📚 RESOURCES - Great Reads and Audio - 

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Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash (Book and/or Audio) 
The Case for IBC by Robert Murphy, Carlos Lara & R. Nelson Nash 
Lots more books to review. 

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