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Banks have far too much hold on the Farming Industry – The Bankers’ Secret #110

January 30, 2021 Glen P. Zacher CFP Season 1 Episode 10
McGuire Wealth Management
Banks have far too much hold on the Farming Industry – The Bankers’ Secret #110
Show Notes

Join Glen Zacher, CFP and his guest Mary Jo Irmen – Farming Without the Bank & Wealth Without the Bank or Wall Street

She believes very strongly that the banks have far too much hold on the farming industry. And she's on a personal mission to change all of that.  I really just have to prove to our farmers that there was a way that they could do this. And it wasn't just for people that were non farmers. And I would talk to them and they wouldn't believe me. So I put it in paper. And, and I put numbers in the book so they can see it in operation and see it working with the operating loan. What kind of reaction have you had?

We make time for what's important to us. But I think, too, we spend a lot of time investing, and looking up. Okay, How can we save money on a computer system? How can we save money on a tractor? How can we save money on anything we do in life, but we don't spend enough time thinking how can we can make money? How can we better utilize our money, and that's exactly what McGuire's bootcamp is going to go over. You know, I don't have anything at stake here. I don't get anything from McGuire. But I have similar stuff here in the state. 

And, it's just absolutely amazing. You know we're helping people create bigger branches, we're helping people pay for equipment, we're getting those young farmers out of their 8 to 5 jobs and moving them over to the farm full time. We're figuring out how to get these young farmers to take over an operation without having to go to the bank to buy out those siblings and have to carry millions of dollars of debt when they're in their mid to late 40s. 

It's not just operating, it's not just buying cars, or what have you. The system can be used for absolutely anything you do, I always say if you have money, you should be utilizing it.  Farmers especially would be interested in this. They're financing at much higher rates than what a typical person is financing. Now they've got possibly a million dollar operating note every single year and the amount of interest loss of the bank is just horrendous.

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Lots more books to review. 

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