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Great for the Business and Professionals – The Bankers’ Secret #112

March 20, 2021 Glen P. Zacher CFP Season 1 Episode 12
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Great for the Business and Professionals – The Bankers’ Secret #112
Show Notes

Join Glen Zacher, CFP as he hosts Dwayne Burnell, MBA 

Dwayne is an author of a number of books on finance, Financial Peace of Mind and Financial Independence.  He had a great answer when we asked him why businesses and professionals would be interested in this process. 

I'm glad you asked that question.  The biggest issue with business owners is cash flow and access to cash. And when you need cash in a business, that's typically when the banks won't give it to you because there's, you know, cash flow unbalanced or whatnot.  By creating your own pool of money in this insurance product, you will get control of your banking process for the business.  So you can use the money over and over and over again, without taxation and commissions and so forth. So it's critically important to take control of the banking process 

My background is in the corporate industry with an MBA.  I have been in corporate and personal consulting for the quite a few years now and have written 2 books.   

Dwayne Burnell, MBA – Author: Independence in the 21st Century & Financial Peace of Mind 

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Lots more books to review.  

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